Calix is the on-line repository of selected works by me - Calix Lewis Reneau.

"Calix" is most likely derived from the Latin word "calyx" which means, basically, cup.

We get our word "chalice" from it.

It's also the scientific nomenclature for the cup formed by the petals of a flower.

It's also the name of a brand of perfume.

I am the eighth generation first-born son in my family to have the first name "Calix." 

My father is Calix Lee Reneau.  

My grandfather is Calix John Reneau. 

I have three children - Jennifer, Sasha and CJ.

CJ is short for "Calix Josiah," thus making him the 9th generation Calix in the family.

So I am using Calix8 on-line to try and differentiate myself from my son, who is coming on fast!

We'll see how that works!