Dancing with the Black Dog

The "Black Dog" is an old metaphor for depression; the book is based on my experience - explaining how I've occasionally been able to turn the darkness into dancing - with the hopes that my journey will provide some points of light and rhythm to help other victims of the Black Dog dance their own dance of life.

As a lifelong survivor of clinical depression, I have experienced pretty much every possible symptom - suicidal ideation and attempts, involuntary psychiatric hold under California's famed 5150 statute, years spent on anti-depressants, all kinds of therapy (both voluntary and court-ordered), lost jobs, broken relationships... you name it, I've been there.

This book is a collection of survival tips I've developed over the years.

Divided into two parts: Principles - the general theories of depression I've developed to give story to my struggles, and Choices - dozens of different strategies and tricks to keep the black dog at bay - or at least survivable.


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