1994.  When I did the Resolution album, my pay was getting to keep the Akai S-950 sampler I borrowed from Scott to record my tracks - woo-hoo!  (Street value at the time: $800.00.) I quickly set about to sampling everything I could get my hands on, and recorded a bunch of stuff for the fun of it.  I put it together in a demo tape I calld Entropy.  It's the only time I ever named my "mixes" as well as my songs.

Notes on the songs follow...


Dance With Me (I Know You Want To) - "Just Add Water Disco Mix" - later recorded with vox w/Shawna

Entropy 1 - "Kids Are Asleep Rave Mix" - later-re-recorded as a demo with Steve Nixon as "Believe"

90_5 - "Davis of the Jungle Mix" - kind of a reggae thing based on a riff I wrote for my friend Davis Chamblee

Someday Mamba - "Call the Lawyers Mix" - a random mamba I got somewhere (it's not "I Dream of Jeanie" although it sounds like it) and a vox from "Someday (Never Comes)" by Creedence - a lawyer's wet dream of copyright violations!

AmbIn Two - "Baby Trance Mix" - a bunch of "native American" samples grace this chill-out