Shot Down - Larry Normal Remix

In late 1995, with the Resolution project stalled for lack of a full-time vocalist, I mentioned to Scott Blackwell at N'Soul that I was a huge fan of Larry Norman and that we should do a remix album.

After I got done explaining the seminal influence LN was on Christian music, Scott seemed to think it might be a good idea. 

Which is why, several months later I was delighted to find out he was, indeed, producing a remix album of LN classics - and startled that he was moving ahead on my idea completely without me.  When I pointed out to Scott that it was my idea in the first place, he threw me a bone and gave me the source tracks for Shot Down.

I recorded what I still think is a pretty good remix (below) and gave it to Scott on a Friday.  He listened to it, told me it had "too many vocal cuts in it" and said he'd call me Monday with more detailed notes.

I never heard from him.*

The album was eventually released - called Remixing This Planet (my choice would have been LN's Kitchen) and without my track.  I think I might have gotten a "thank you" somewhere in the liner notes.

I'm including the original for comparison (without permission but hopefully with Larry's good graces from the heavenlies!) 

On February 24, 2008, God graciously decided to bring Larry home to Him for a personal concert, which is our great loss but Larry's great gain - hope to see you there, Larry!


Shot Down (CLR remix)

Shot Down (the original)

*I should note that one of my many failings has been to petulently not pursue someone who hasn't kept their promise to get back in touch with me, which has probably cost me more opportunities in my life than I care to admit.  Scott hasn't called me since 1996; to be fair, I haven't called him either, so it's probably a wash at this point... especially since we've now reconnected via social media.